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Protect what your Homeowners Association (HOA) doesn’t. Condo insurance HO6 can be confusing and can be very difficult to state what kinds of coverage you need. Let us help you get exactly what you need at the best possible rates from multiple carriers. We can find you a condominium insurance policy that can be customized around your specific condo association’s insurance requirements. Also, you may combine your policies and get a great discount. If you own a condo, apartment, or co-op, the right coverage for you will be an HO6.

What We Will Cover

A common misconception is that HO6 insurance is not necessarily needed because they are within a building owned and operated by a property manager. This is far from the truth. It’s a common understanding that unexpected incidents can and will happen anywhere. With our affordable condo insurance, you can keep your belongings safe, but also your home. With Insurance Direct, you can be confident in the fact that we can find you specific coverages that will cover the expenses of your belongings in case of disaster. Whether it be an accident, or incident you don’t want to be left without insurance and paying for damages in full.

You may need renters insurance if you rent an apartment, unite, condo, mobile home, or house.

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The most important part of owning your own space is making sure you keep it safe. HO6 policy keeps you and your property safe from unexpected perils and provides a safety net for you and your family. Cheap condominium insurance is just a quote away when you choose Insurance Direct. Get condo or co-op coverage that goes beyond your condominium association’s policy. Get covered today.

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