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When looking for cheap auto insurance in Orlando, there are many factors to consider. Essentially the most important factor is to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Many companies offer cheap insurance rates in the state of Florida but finding the best one is crucial. This is the reason that you have to compare the best car insurance quotes in Orlando, FL.

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You can’t select any company on the market just because they have fancy advertising that they offer clients affordable car insurance in Orlando. You first need to find out what the company is all about. Then how they operate if they are legit, and whether you can fully trust them with your money. This is the reason we created our insurance agency – simply to give all drivers in Florida the best coverage for their money and great customer service.

Here, we are going to talk about low-cost car insurance in Orlando, Florida to consider. Please read on.

Average Auto Insurance Cost in Orlando, FL

The average auto insurance cost in Orlando is $2,092 per year, and that is less compared to the average cost in the entire Florida state, which is $2,209 per year. However, it is pricier when you compare it with the national average insurance, which is $1,731 per year. Here is our guide, which helps you to compare car insurance in Orlando to know the deals you can get.

Please note that the location, along with other personal characteristics, can significantly change the price. For example, the car insurance in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando is higher than the state average. Insurance costs tend to go high in densely populated areas in Florida.

The Most Affordable Auto Insurance Costs in Orlando

When looking for an affordable auto insurance quote, you need to check and compare some of the insurers and what they offer. Insurance Direct provides the most affordable car insurance in Orlando for most drivers, with an average annual premium of $632.

Traffic Information in Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has more theme parks and entertainment attractions than anywhere else in the world. Nearly 100 million visitors came to the Orlando area, making it the top tourist destination in the United States. This is the reason for the gridlock and traffic jams daily. Heavy traffic is common in the tourist district south of downtown at rush hours. There are plenty of websites and applications showing real-time Orlando traffic information. Install one to see road conditions and traffic updates with a live interactive map including flow, delays, accidents, traffic jams, congestion, construction, and closures.

Major highways in Orlando

  • Interstate 4 (State Road 400) is Orlando’s primary interstate highway that begins in Tampa and travels northeast across the midsection of the state directly through Orlando, ending in Daytona Beach. As a key connector to Orlando’s suburbs, downtown, area attractions, and both coasts, I-4 commonly experiences heavy traffic and congestion.
  • East-West Expressway (Toll 408) is a major east-west highway.
  • Beachline Expressway (Toll 528) provides access from the Orlando International Airport and to the Atlantic coast.
  • Central Florida Greeneway (Toll 417) serves as Orlando’s eastern beltway.
  • Daniel Webster Western Beltway (Toll 429) serves as the western beltway from Orlando’s northwestern suburbs including Apopka to Walt Disney World.
  • John Land Apopka Expressway (Toll 414) – east to west tollway serving northern Orlando.

Neighborhoods & Suburbs In Orlando

With easy access to jobs, arts and culture, nightlife, family events, and theme parks, it’s hard to pinpoint one best thing about the Orlando area. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Orlando to check out – Alafaya, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Azalea Park, Buenaventura Lakes, Casselberry, Clermont, Conway, DeBary, Deltona, Doctor Phillips, Eustis, Fairview Shores, Four Corners, Goldenrod, Horizon West, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Butler, Lake Mary, Lockhart, Longwood, Maitland, Meadow Woods, Mount Dora, Oak Ridge, Ocoee, Oviedo, Pine Castle, Pine Hills, Poinciana, Saint Cloud, Southchase, Tavares, University, Wekiva Springs, Winter Garden, Winter Park, and Winter Springs.

Car Insurance Orlando Rates According to Age

Insurance premiums in Orlando also depend on age. Cheap car insurance Orlando is paid by drivers who are in their 50s since their average annual insurance rate is $2,012. Drivers who are a bit older in their 60s pay a bit more, which is a yearly average of $2,158.

Teenagers are the ones who pay the highest rates in Orlando. The good thing is that once you reach your 20s, the insurance drops. The difference in cost between car insurance paid by a teenage driver and one who is in their 20s is approximately $3,684. Study shows that difference is the largest between the two age brackets compared to other states.

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Compare prices to find the cheapest and best rates.

Insurance Cost Depending on Your Marital Status or Gender

Your gender or marital status significantly contributes to the Orlando car insurance rates that you should pay. If you are a married driver living in Orlando, you have a bit of an advantage because you spend roughly $90 less than someone single. It’s also a proven fact that married drivers tend to enjoy discounted auto insurance rates in a lot of locations compared to single people.

The cheapest car insurance in Orlando is also found among widows. Still, single people in Orlando pay more rates compared to those who are widowed. Another contributing factor to how much you are supposed to pay for insurance is your gender. Female drivers in Orlando are subjected to higher rates than male auto drivers. Female drivers pay almost $60 more than male drivers per year.

Auto Insurance Rates in Orlando by Accident and Driving History

Your accident and citation history also significantly contributes to how much you should pay. The best way to have low car insurance costs is to make sure your driving record is spotless without any bad history. Negative issues such as DUIs, at-fault accidents, citations from reckless driving, SR-22, FR-44, and speeding tickets can cause you to pay higher rates.

Orlando is ranked as one of the most expensive city in Florida for car insurance. Comparing quotes may help you get a cheaper car insurance rate near Orlando as low as $39.
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According to most insurance companies, driving violations which they deem expensive include DUI and reckless driving. A citation from reckless driving in Orlando attracts an insurance cost increase of about $1,210 annually when you compare it with the statewide average. An offense resulting from a DUI can attract a penalty rate of $1,093 while a speeding ticket attracts a penalty cost of $572.

Auto Insurance Premiums Depending on Your Credit Score

Your credit score is also a contributing factor to the car insurance premiums you should pay. If you want the cheapest Orlando auto insurance, then you need to make sure your credit score is on point. You can face a high rate if you happen to be a driver who has a checkered credit history. Also, if you happen to have a poor credit history. Then go ahead to rebuild it and have an exceptional tier credit score (800-850), then get a new quote and you may go down by 40 percent. If you improve your poor credit score to Fair, then that is also considered to be a huge and meaningful step and may go ahead to help you get a decrease in your vehicle insurance.

What Can Make Your Car Insurance Premium Go Higher?

As you’ve seen from some of the best car insurance rates in Orlando that we’ve discussed earlier, you are in for a great deal if you keep things in order and avoid accidents or other negative stuff. But, other contributing factors can make your premiums go higher. One of these factors includes your place of residence and your ZIP code. We know this is a huge drawdown for most people, but most insurers also strive to avoid losses. This is the reason why they also consider where their clients live when issuing car insurance premiums.

The biggest reason for the expensive premiums is a fraud, crime, and theft. Also, the premium varies by your zip code. Car insurance companies may consider you a high-risk insurance case if you happen to come from a bad neighborhood or one that is known to be notorious in terms of accidents, theft, and crime. Therefore, this implies that you may be subjected to higher car insurance rates than other people who come from neighborhoods with a good reputation.

Florida currently has the highest rate of car insurance fraud in the U.S. Auto insurance fraud accounts for up to 14% of all auto premiums across the country. This costs $29 billion per year to auto insurers. Insurance fraud is considered a crime. You could get up to a $150,000 fine and as much as 10 or more years in prison.

Average Cost Per Year State Minimum Car Insurance Basic Full Car Insurance Full Car Insurance
Florida $835 $1,620 $1,920
Texas $718 $1,565 $1,842
Tennessee $539 $1,354 $1,583

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance Fraud in Florida

  • Faulty airbag replacement – during the repair process at the shop, the deployed airbags can be replaced with counterfeits airbags.
  • Staged crashes – incidents where drivers intentionally or strategically cause a collision with another vehicle.
  • Vehicle dumping – the owner disposes of the automobile. The drivers become more and more creative by burning it, strip it for parts, or even selling it, and then file a claim with an insurance company, and claiming it was stolen.
  • False registration – the drivers live in expensive ZIP or neighborhoods with higher theft and accidents rates, so they register their cars in other states or counties where insurance premiums are lower.
  • Exaggerated repair costs after a car accident – Body shops exaggerate repair costs by overcharging an insurer for fake repairs. Also, the mechanics use used parts to make repairs and bill your car insurance company for new parts.
  • Agent fraud – agent get your money and does not set up the coverage.
  • Faulty windshield replacement rip-offs – this offer is almost always a scam. The drivers in Florida are enticed with gift cards to sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB). This is allowing the glass replacement contractors to repair and claim process with the insurer.
  • Towing scams. A towing service will request that your vehicle be brought to their shop. But then you have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair and release the vehicle.

Orlando’s cheapest auto insurance depends on a lot of factors that we’ve outlined above in our discussions. The only way to ensure you get a better car insurance rate in Orlando is by doing what’s right and avoiding a bad driving history. We compare coverage and prices to find the best possible value for your circumstances. Start your quote now and save.

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